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Maide Mutfak is Turkey’s first and only food incubator since 2018.

We specialize in healthy packaged foods. Our mission goes far beyond offering means of production

to food entrepreneurs, we will help you develop, operate and grow a thriving  food business .

Our 200 square meter certified professional kitchen in Mecidiyekoy alongside  

our supply network, small storage space and packing machines are open to

Maide’s entrepreneur’s production operations.


Our team is packed with professional chefs

who are experts on recipe development, production scaling and quality control.

We accompany food ventures from the idea phase to the shipment of the final products and more.

We also believe that business services like  financial and legal counselling,

marketing and design services are essential to building a successful food business.

With sustainable development goals on our minds, we aim to realize and grow  

your dreams with a holistic approach.


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Shirley Kaston

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Semi Hakim.png

Semi Hakim

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Richard Madzar

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Lale Cirakoglu.jpg

Lale Çırakoğlu

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Incubation Center Coordinator

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Deniz Kırkanahtar

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Business Development

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